Eye Glasses Holder

I was looking for something unusual and creative to give to my customers. Not for all my customers, just those who need to wear reading glasses. We all know that wearing glasses on your head is not such a great idea, so I had Guelph Wood Art, design and manufacture magnetic feet that you wear on your clothing and work as an eyeglass holder. At a reasonable cost, with great attention to detail and quick delivery, voila! I got just what I was looking for.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Rare Earth magnets, if they lose their protective coating, can stain fabric.  One magnet is buried inside the “foot” and the other is encased in a wooden disc.  The disc on the inside of the shirt and holds the “foot” in place on the other side of the shirt. One temple of the eyeglasses goes through the hole in the heal of the foot, allowing the glasses to hang so they are always ready to be used – and never again misplaced)