Welcome to the home page of GuelphWoodArt – your site for hand-crafted, Canadian-made, quality products.  We are constantly updating our selections and inventory with new products, so please check back on a regular basis as we continue to update this site.

Have you ever noticed that when people see a well-crafted item made of wood they tend to want to touch it, pick it up, hold it, feel it?  Some of this is due to the nature of the object; some is due to the nature of the material it is made of.

Our goal at GuelphWoodArt is to bring you in touch with wood’s natural, inherent beauty through our handcrafted products – providing items of value that are a pleasure to have, either as decorations, tools or games.  Every item is meticulously created – no robots, no laser cutting, no mass production. As such, no two items are exactly the same.  We hope you enjoy your new treasures as much as we have enjoyed creating them.