Welcome to GuelphWoodArt — your site for hand-crafted, Canadian-made, quality products.

My name is Al Pentland. Since 1985, I’ve been creating works of art in wood, from small tree ornaments and trinkets to quilt racks, educational games and complex stand-up puzzles. I’ve also received many requests over the years for custom work.

I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty of wood — from the smallest of twigs to the towering forests — and how it can truly be an art in and of itself. You’ll notice that most of my products are stained or left with a natural finish to enhance this inner beauty. I’ve also introduced brightly coloured non-toxic dyes and stains to some of my product lines at the request of my customers.

The beauty of natural wood

Have you ever noticed that when people see a well-crafted item made of wood they tend to want to touch it, pick it up, hold it, feel it? The natural feel of wood — be it silky smooth and delicate or rough and solid — makes it like no other material. It could be a turned vase or an axe handle — each has their own purpose and appeal.

Different woods have variations in colour, grain and texture, making each piece of wood unique long before the craftsperson creates something new from it.

My father used to tell me, “To make a sculpture of an elephant, start with a block of wood and remove everything that does not look like an elephant.” With this approach, each piece of wood is like a blank canvas just waiting for something new to be revealed.

The beauty of natural wood

At GuelphWoodArt, my goal is to bring you in touch with wood’s natural, inherent beauty, providing hand-crafted decorations, tools, games, and more.

Every item is crafted by hand — no robots, no lasers, no mass production. As such, no two items are exactly the same.

Please take a look at the products that are available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let me know. It could be hiding in the next piece of wood, waiting to be set free. Or you may find the perfect item, but would prefer a different size or colour — these requests will also be considered.

I hope you enjoy your new treasures as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!