Project Description

Magnetic Pin Holders

These are pin holders with a twist, in that they are truly multi-purpose. Made of wood with a rare earth magnetic inside, they’re ideal for placing pins and needles in a safe, handy, and convenient place. If pins drop on the floor, you can easily pick them up by dragging the Magnetic Pin Holder across them.

Wear your pins

These specific items were designed to be worn! Place a magnetic material (such as a coin) inside your shirt and place the pin holder on the other side. The Magnetic Pin Holder will stay in place, allowing you to wear the pins for convenient access. It could be on the front of a shirt or on a sleeve. If you’d like, I can supply you with an extra magnet to replace the coin.

Magnetic Pin Holders

Store your glasses

The Pin Holder in the shape of a heart, with a circle below it, was designed for the craftsperson that wears glasses. Slip the arm of the glasses through the hole when you wear it on your shirt, and the glasses will always be with you when you need them.

I was looking for something unusual and creative to give to my customers. Not for all my customers, just those who need to wear reading glasses. We all know that wearing glasses on your head is not such a great idea, so I had GuelphWoodArt design and manufacture magnetic feet that you wear on your clothing and work as an eyeglass holder. At a reasonable cost, with great attention to detail and quick delivery, voila! I got just what I was looking for.

Krisztina (Christine) J. Wood, CPB Vestige Consultants

Open cans

These products can also be used as fridge magnets to hold notes, and make handy can lid lifters. Have you ever opened a can of soup only to have the lid fall back inside the can? Touch the Magnetic Pin Holder to the top of the lid and lift it off the can.

Can be used as fridge magnet or to lift lids off cans