Project Description

Hand-crafted wooden puzzles

Whether you’re looking for custom-made wooden puzzles for kids or unique decorative puzzles for display, you’ve come to the right place!

My puzzles are individually hand cut — no stacking or laser cutting. As such, each puzzle is an individual work of art. Each piece is sanded smooth and carefully finished or dyed. The finished product is then carefully, manually packaged in preparation for shipping from our home to yours.

Moose Puzzle

Stand-Up Puzzles

I’ve classified “stand-up puzzles” as free-standing, many of which are interlocking jig-saw puzzles. Predominantly in the shape of animals, some puzzles actually spell the animal’s name in the design. These are normally ¾” thick to provide more stability during assembly and display, although they can be made with thinner material for a more challenging project.

Flat Puzzles

Flat puzzles are designed to be assembled on a flat surface, and are normally made of much thinner material than stand-up puzzles. Any of the stand-up puzzles shown below can also be made as flat puzzles. Puzzles can also be created from your favourite photographs or other choice designs.

The puzzles shown below provide a sense of the options available. If you see something you like, or have a special request, please get in touch!