Project Description


A spurtle is a Scottish cooking tool made from wood. These tools have a long history in Scotland dating back to the 15th century — possibly earlier.

Over the centuries, the shape of the spurtle evolved into a round stick-like tool used for making porridge. A spurtle is used instead of a spoon to keep from tearing apart or crushing the oats. It can be used for constant stirring, helping to prevent large lumps from forming in the oatmeal.

I was very interested in the historical nature of the spurtle and I purchased one that was handmade by Al Pentland.  The idea was that  my  husband would use it for porridge, but before he could try it out, I used it to make fudge.  I found the handle to be ergonomically comfortable and my fudge seemed creamier than usual.  I didn’t even require a spoon to pour the fudge in the pan.  The spurtle was easy to clean and the decorative woodburning makes it an attractive utensil.  I plan on using my (our)  new spurtle whenever I have to cook and stir ingredients.  Guess we’ll be eating more fudge at my house!