Magic Marble Towel Holder

Would you like to be able to hang a towel where you have ceramic tile, such as a bathroom or laundry area, without using screws? The Magic Marble Towel Holder is just what you need.  It has a marble sandwiched between two pieces of Oak, which will secure the towel for you.  And you can’t […]


There are primarily two types of dibblers: those for planting seeds, those for planting bulbs. Bulb dibblers are typically longer with a fatter body and point to create a large hole. They have a flat point to create a firm contact point for the bottom of the bulb, and lines at one-inch intervals for reference. Seed dibblers […]


Tulips are perhaps the most colorful of all spring flowers. They are also one of the easiest flowers you’ll ever grow. Just plant the bulbs in fall for blossoms the following spring. For those of us that have trouble growing anything, these hand-crafted wooden tulips will hold their colour year-round – and do not need […]


While these ornaments were designed to be hung, or suspended, seasonally most have flat bottoms which allow them to be placed on any flat surface during the year.

Bag Carriers

Carry multiple bags from the car and save your hands

Games and Toys

From toy airplanes to puzzles that challenge the mind, there are many great toys and games to be made from wood.

Earring Holders

A great way to store your earrings and still have them on display!


Custom-made wall art, table decorations, Christmas ornaments, and more!